Post-graduate education and university in the United States of America

Higher education in the U.S. (higher education) programs include undergraduate and technical-vocational secondary education (not university level) provided by over 3000 institutions, including colleges and universities (government and private).

Articulation of the academic
The academic year is determined independently by each school, usually begins the first days of September and ends in late May, with a joint in two semesters (term) of 18 weeks each (some universities divide the academic year three or four months). The holidays are at Christmas and in the spring (March to mid April).
Registration can be done in an academic course at the beginning of academic year or the beginning of each term.

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Then there is the opportunity to attend some courses without being enrolled at the university during the summer holidays and winter (so-called summer school or summer session).

Articulation of courses
Higher education has two levels of courses:
– Undergraduate level (first level university education, which corresponds to the first three years of studies in Italy);
– Graduate level or advanced (second and third level of university education, corresponding to postgraduate study in Italy.)
The courses include classroom lessons but also workshops, seminars, practical exercises and homework (identified as research studies) as well as internships and internship. Each course is “weighed” by credits (proportional to the number of hours of teaching – and given individual – that the course provides).
Upon completion of the course you get a score equal to the average of the scores obtained during the university career (known as GPA, grade point average).

Both for undergraduate level courses and for those graduate, securities issued may assume different names, depending on the disciplines of study.
So, if in the humanities the title include the word “Arts” in science will use the term “Science”.
One example: the Masters courses can release the ‘MA – Master of Arts, MS – Master of Science is the title for the master’s degree in science but also an MBA – Masters in Business Administration for the MA in Economics and trade.

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Several institutions combine to form the American system of higher education: junior colleges, liberal arts colleges (private), universities and state government (in the top positions in the world rankings of universities of excellence).

The first level of higher education is that of undergraduate programs, taught by colleges and universities.
Here each course provides the student fill out and choose to follow the curriculum, which includes compulsory courses (core courses), Specialist subjects of the chosen path (major courses), lessons learned related (lower courses) and optional (elective courses) .
The programs last for 2 or 4 years and issuing the title of “associate degree” (or professional qualification is achieved according to a university or college) and “Bachelor’s degree (academic degree comparable to the degree of new Italian law)

The second level of university education consists of graduate courses, taught at universities.
Among graduate programs, master classes can be of two types: academic and professional.
The first one or last two years (30 or 60 credits) and issue the title of Master of Arts or Master of Science, depending on the discipline of study and allow the registration to PhD and Master’s degree is comparable to the diploma degree in Italy).
The master professional, however, are oriented to accompany students from first degree to the profession itself without offering the student the opportunity to enroll in subsequent doctorate. Fall within the professional masters – for example – the master of business administration (MBA), Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Education (MED) and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Require the completion of a number of credits between 36 and 48. Not always require the possession of a bachelor’s degree.

The third level of higher education is represented by PhDs. Require to carry out studies and research on a wide range of disciplines and conduct an independent and original research project that will culminate with the drafting of a final thesis for publication.
Most doctoral degrees provides a period of 4 or 5 years of study and research after obtaining bachelor’s degree or 2 or 3 years of study and research after the Master’s degree.
The degree awarded is commonly referred to as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The most prestigious universities in the U.S.
The different classifications of the best universities in the world at the first place for prestige and quality the Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School and Stanford University for Business Administration, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering University of California, Berkeley, John Hopkins University in Baltimore in the field of medical research and the Hauser Global Law School at New York University for the field of international law.

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In 1992 a law was passed to `reform of higher education (The Further and Higher Education Act) which eliminated the distinction between universities and polytechnics and institutes of higher education`. The new system has allowed all banks to obtain permission to `give their own” Degree “(diplomas and certificates) and to add their name to the title” university “, provided they are guaranteed certain educational standards.

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The UK consists of four countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland): d `education systems differ slightly, especially in terminology, but are broadly similar.
Throughout the United Kingdom `s compulsory education ends at the age of 16 years with the GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education (called Standard Grades in Scotland). At this point, the Tertiary Education (Tertiary Education) by 16 years, not mandatory. About 90% of students continuing their studies until graduation requirements for the `university enrollment at the age of 18 years are achieved at secondary schools or vocational training institutions (further education colleges), after which the student follows the Advanced Levels required for admission university. The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level is commonly known as A level, is supported by students with a good curriculum. Usually students specializing in humanities or science and two or more subjects exceeded this level are required for admission under the university.

There are also the AS-levels (Advanced Supplementary), introduced in 1987 to expand the range of GCSE subjects offered by more than the traditional division between science and humanities studies to combine very different.
As an alternative to Advanced, some schools prepared to `International Baccalaureate (IB) examination recognized internationally, allegedly at the age of 18 years and allows the` admission to universities.
Have recently been some new skills and schools now offer an alternative also a Certificate of Advanced Vocational Education (Advanced Vocational Certificate in Education, known as AVCE).
It should be noted that in Scotland `s education system is very different, in fact most students finish secondary school at the age of 17/18 years after obtaining the so-called Highers or Advanced Highers, the Scottish upper secondary education certificates that allow `access to the university and are equivalent to GCE A-levels.

`An alternative to university study is represented by vocational training in the United Kingdom is based on the national system of vocational qualifications (NVQs, National Vocation Qualifications).
Vocational training is imparted in the form of full-time courses at institutes of adult education (Further Education College), or training in the workplace with the recognition of `work experience gained, or courses of study to a parallel `part-time employment, or even night classes. Starting From the 2004/2005 school year are also activated the New Technologies Institutes (NTI), consortia formed by universities, further education colleges and private sector organizations that offer a range of courses, including at top, connected to the world local labor.

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University education (Higher Education – HE) is offered by two types of institutions: universities, autonomous bodies with the authority to establish and issue academic degrees, and colleges and institutes of higher education (in Scotland called Scottish centrally-funded institutions) that offer different diplomas through collaborative arrangements with universities. Of this type are known as Foundation Degrees, established in 2001 to meet the needs of technical expertise from the labor market (the courses are designed in collaboration with the employers). The courses last two years, with an additional year of study you get the `honors degree, a qualification equivalent to university level.
The degrees that can be achieved with higher education are called `Degree and are of two levels: first degree (First or Undergraduate Degree) issued usually with the title of Bachelor (in Scotland generally have a Master’s degree) and master’s degree (commonly called Master).
Most first degree courses in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have a duration of three years and involve specialization in a field of study (honors degree) or more subjects in less depth (combined honors degree ) or integrated courses at least one year of work experience, so-called Sandwich Course, in which “sandwich” is for “placement” to play an `industry or abroad.
In Scotland many courses require at least four years of full-time study.
Some courses may last even higher, such as architecture and dentistry (5 years) and medicine (6 years). `The academic year is normally divided into three semesters.
After the First Degree is scheduled for Master Degree or Higher (master’s degree) to complete a study period ie “ Taught courses Research. The study period can vary from nine months to two years. Among the most common titles are achieved after the completion of a Higher Degree consisting of original research are the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD / DPhil).
We report then the Open University, an `organization offering distance courses without prior testing of the entrance and no limitations in the sense that certain qualifications are not required to access the courses.

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USA: Students want online donations to pay the University

Ask loans to the State is not something to everyone, because sooner or later that money will be returned. In the United States, families on their knees to the financial crisis can not support their children to expensive universities installments.
So come websites where students are appealing to the sensibilities of the people to receive donations and pay the University.

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Associations, good-hearted people, companies wishing to sponsor a student and support the thesis, the target site is different and students enrolling and completing your profile, can thus hope to attract the attention of wealthy individuals, or simply generous, who can help financially contributing to the payment of tuition. As in the case of site, for example.

Studying in American colleges has become very prohibitive in fact, they range from $ 200,000 for a four-year course at Harvard, to a 5% increase for smaller colleges such as Trinity. The rate of the campuses are approximately doubled in a decade, yet no sign of enrollment decline.

Indeed this year there’s even been a boom in admission test and a negative record by universities that have accepted fewer students of all years. Sign that the crisis in the vaults of college late in coming.

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First Level University Courses – Undergraduate Study

The term undergraduate study identifies the curriculum which is accessed after graduating from secondary education from high school (in Italy can be compared to high school).
The undergraduate program lasts four years and leads to the Bachelors’ Degree.
The study undergraduate, you can choose an address technical and vocational education. In this case, after two years, is awarded the associate degree.

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Associate degree
The title of associate degree is awarded after two years of study at undergraduate level at a two-year college or Community, Technical and Junior College.

Bachelor’s degree
The title of Bachelor’s degree is awarded after four years of study at a four-year college. The program comprises two years of general education courses (freshman and sophomore years) followed by two years (junior and senior years) dedicated to an area of study (majors).

How are the programs of undergraduate study
The academic year is 9 months and usually begins in August / September. It is divided into several terms (periods of study): two semester or three quarter of 15/18 weeks of about 10 weeks. The completion of the program may require a summer session or summer session, 4 / 8 weeks.
The course is the basic unit of the academic program. Each course is assigned a score of hours (credit hour value) based on the number of hours per week and / or laboratory and in relation to the difficulty of the course. The curriculum is the set of required courses (core courses) and those planned by the student (electives) to obtain the title (Associate or Bachelor’s degree).
The conferment of the title of Associate requires a total of 60 credits, the title of Bachelor’s 120 credits.
The teaching method is generally based on the lessons (lectures) that students are required to attend, alternating in the debate (lecture / discussion).

What is the student evaluation system
The marks (grades) are calculated on a percentage scale and are expressed in letters:

A (100-91) = excellent;
B (81-90) = good;
C (71-80) = average;
D (65-70) = below average (but sufficient);
E or F = unsatisfactory.
The letters can be followed by a “+” or a “-“.
The average rating – Grade Point Average (GPA) – is calculated taking into account the credits of each course and the vote expressed in numbers. The average rating is articulated in a range from 0 to 4.0.

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How to select the American university
Formulate, according to field of study, an initial list of universities (four, five institutions);
ensure that universities are considered accredited;
carefully consider the personal and professional academic objectives;
investigate the possibility of financial aid.
How to university
The application for admission to American universities should be started about 18/12 months before the start of the academic year you wish to attend. The organizational method may be as follows:

assume general information on universities that offer programs of interest by consulting publications and websites;
once selected universities, obtain the application form to the Office of Admissions of the same university;
take the test or tests (TOEFL, SAT or ACT) required by the university;
after receiving the application form and required information, proceed to fill out forms;
accept the offer of admission.
Can cost as the frequency of an undergraduate course
Showing the average cost for attending classes for one academic year at undergraduate level is from 15,000 to $ 25,000 at public institutions and from 25,000 to $ 45,000 at private institutions (source: The College Board International Student Handbook 2008).
This estimate includes the registration fee (application fee), tuition fees (tuition) fees for the use of university facilities and services (fees), meals and lodging (room and board), health insurance , travel expenses and personal expenses.

What kind of financial aid offers undergraduate programs in American universities
The possibility of financial aid for undergraduate foreign students provided by American universities are limited. Usually consist of Merit Scholarship (scholarship for academic achievement), sports scholarship (merit scholarship for sports) or part-time jobs (employment opportunities on campus).

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Grand Canyon University, Ken Blanchard College of Business

Fondata nel 1949, ilGrand Canyon University è un premier, privato, accreditato, università cristiana situata a Phoenix, Arizona. L’Università offre on line e campus a base di bachelor e master corsi di laurea attraverso la Blanchard Ken College of Business, Università di Scienze della Formazione, scuola di ostetricia e Scienze della Salute, e al Collegio d’scienze umane e sociali e supporta sia studenti universitari tradizionali, nonché il funzionamento professionale.

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AlGrand Canyon University Online, ci sforziamo di rendere la vostra esperienza online più semplice possibile. Tutti i nostri corsi utilizzano la tecnologia Angel, il che significa che avrà un formato uniforme in ciascuna delle classi di prendere. All’inizio di ogni corso, si entra un tutorial Angel per familiarizzare con la struttura on-line. Nel tuo account, avrai accesso a tutto compreso il vostro programma del corso, personale le informazioni, così come forum di discussione e una casella di riepilogo digitale, dove potrete “trasformare in” tutte le tue risorse.

IlKen Blanchard College of Business è chiamato per l’uomo che ha probabilmente fatto più di qualsiasi altro individuo per insegnare i valori etici ai leader delle migliori business in Nord America e in tutto il mondo.
Dr. Ken Blanchard è il “Chief Officer spirituale” della Ken Blanchard Companies, Inc. di San Diego, CA. Ha creato questa posizione e il titolo come una dichiarazione chiara su ciò che è importante nella sua società, negli affari e nella vita.

Riconosciuto internazionalmente come co-autore di numerosi libri più venduti in materia di gestione e formazione, incluso il direttore di un minuto, RAVING FANS, Gung Ho!, BALENA FATTO! e parecchi altri, il Dott. Blanchard ha creato potenti etica infuso leadership e modelli di gestione, che stanno rivoluzionando il modo innumerevoli individui e le organizzazioni stesse condotta.

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Indiana Wesleyan University College of Adult and Professional Studies

College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS) serves the adult population with a series of programs designed to meet the educational needs of adult specific. Indiana Wesleyan University understands the special needs of adults who are interested in receiving an associate, undergraduate, graduate or master, but he must also continue their professional and personal commitments. The college programs are designed for those working adults by combining theory with practical experience.

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More than ever, working adults are choosing IWU’s College of Adult and Professional Studies. IWU has now become the fastest growing universities in Indiana and one of the fastest in the United States IWU has grown by over 200 percent since 1990 to educate more than 11,400 students this year, 9,000 of whom are taking courses online or at our education centers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

The growing popularity of our program reflects its design to meet the special educational needs of adult audiences. Indiana Wesleyan University understands the special needs of adults who are interested in receiving an associate, bachelor or master while continuing to keep Their professional and personal commitments. The college programs are designed for those working adults by combining theory with practical experience and offering the material in a convenient format.

The size distribution and structure of curriculum is specifically designed for working adults. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are conveniently offered through evening, Saturday, and online (Internet) classes. Site-based classes are held at 11 education and conference centers: Indianapolis (2), Fort Wayne, Shelbyville, Kokomo, and Columbus, Ind., Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio. Classes are also held more than 80 locations off-campus in Indiana.

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In addition to its educational programs, CAPS provides support services off-campus for all its classes. Students can gain access to special services University Library by phone, fax, email or mail and receive assistance with research or bibliographic questions. And ‘the goal of CAPS is not only to give lessons, but to provide an “extended university” designed to meet the needs of both students and their employers bringing quality education without requiring students to relocate.

Indiana Wesleyan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission * and a member of the North Central Association. IWU is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

CAPS now has more than 23,000 graduates representative of learning partnerships with more than 500 employers, school districts, businesses, health agencies and organizations.

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Interesting details about obtaining an online degree

The evolution of the Internet has dramatically changed the landscape of education. Receive a degree online has many advantages to applicants education, which are limited by time, resources, or transportation, but still want to advance their careers through education. Online universities and colleges have begun to aggressively pursue students looking for an online degree.

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It ‘important to take time to identify which of these institutions are good. Some factors to consider include cost, degree, and the number of tests required for graduation, attendance, purchase books, and personal attention may be necessary in order to increase their knowledge. Degree programs online have grown in number and reputation. You can choose from thousands of qualified graduate courses online at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Select a customized degree program online for themselves

online degree programs allow students to study from home without going to college. While online degree programs vary, most allow students to work at their own pace. Because of this flexibility, online degree programs have become popular with professionals and parents. When looking for an online degree program, there are several factors to consider. All students should be concerned with the authorization of the school and make sure the school you select has a positive reputation.

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You should also consider their personal learning preferences. One can restrict the choices online degree programs that fit your schedule, the need for the teacher and student interaction, and a type that is preferred to study alone or work group. There are two types of authorization acceptable degree programs online: regional and DETC accreditation. Regional training is the most widely accepted accreditation and is sought by most traditional institutions. Degree courses in line with the DETC accreditation is respected by many colleges and employers.

practice caution while choosing the program

While accreditation is the most important factor, considering only those online degree programs that have received positive feedback from former students and have a history of stability. Disregard degree programs online that make false promises. Browse the profiles of the courses, you should be able to find a school that fits their needs. Many websites now allow degree programs online to submit their reviews or are paid directly to the positive reviews. After conducting research on various college and university degree online, choose the web site that is the best measure for a study and prepare to read and write as one would obtain an online degree.

Studying online has never been so easy before, you can prepare a program that takes care of your time and fit well with work and family time. Now the level is also online well accepted by employers, they even have the funds to support their employees to take specialized courses or further study. Then all you have to be careful is to take an online course from an accredited college, and then is the same as taking a diploma from campus-based colleges. It should serve your purpose for the acquisition of a degree more in an envelope at the end of a better paid job.

The various courses offered include associates degree, bachelor, masters and even doctoral degree. This Online Degree College also offers continuing education. takes to be a top Continuing Education

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