Current students and support provided by ASFA

The typical student day at the Alabama School of Fine Arts is in fact two days in one. Each student benefits from at least three hours of instruction in a chosen specialty—Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts or Visual Arts—while completing core academic courses as required to earn a state of Alabama high school diploma. To remain in good standing, students maintain an “80” average in specialty course work and a “70” average in core academic studies

Ordinarily, students shall be enrolled in the school at least throughout the junior and senior years to satisfy minimum instructional requirements for graduation.

Online College Courses

Among the many learning resources serving students are a caring faculty, a facility designed to meet many specialized needs, advanced information technology and the school’s location in downtown Birmingham with easy access to the Birmingham Public Library, Birmingham Art Museum, McWane Science Center and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Free Information Regarding Online College Courses

Support the Alabama School of Fine Arts!

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Your gift, regardless of size, is a vote of support, appreciation and confidence. There are so many wonderful initiatives to get behind at ASFA…from becoming an All-Steinway School to building a future performance hall. There are scholarships, Arts Outreach, Friends of ASFA and funds for Specialty departments and even Grandparents. So join the ASFA family and help us help make your dreams come true.

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