Online MBA Degree

Accounting MBA
An Online MBA in Accounting provides you with the skills necessary to offer a wide array of business and accounting services to your organization. It is designed to develop or enhance the financial management skills necessary to function effectively within private businesses, non-profit organizations, and public agencies.

Online College Courses

Finance MBA
The course in this online mba degree is designed to build upon a basic understanding of finance, providing a sophisticated body of theoretical knowledge that is applicable to almost anyone’s life in today’s world.

Select an Area of Study:
Select All Arts & Humanities Automotive Business & MBA Computers & IT Education & Teaching Government & Law Health & Medical Science & Technology Social Sciences Trades & Careers

Health Care Management
The Health Care Management program specialization is based upon courses in health care organizations, health care finance, quality and data base management, health care infrastructure, and health care strategic management.

Risk Management MBA
In the Risk Management specialization, you will explore many different techniques and approaches to address the financial, information, personnel, and environmental risks faced by the modern business organizations.

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People in business and management have always given great value to an MBA Degree. For this reason MBA is one of the most sought degree in America and rest of the world. In MBA program you will gain abilities to handle real-life business situations that will make you leader in your field. And you gain this by training, assignments, presentations, and group projects, all of which is the part of an MBA Program.

This site is for people who are looking for an MBA degree in their choosen field. Our site list top online universities of USA who conduct online MBA programs in various subjects. You can also choose the required MBA program and look for universities where you can enroll for them.

National American University Online:

National American University welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures and abilities and prepares them for careers in health care, business and business related fields by providing quality higher education in a caring and supportive environment.

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