Online Vs campus programs

There are several debates and diverse opinions about advantage of online programs over campus programs and vice versa. Many debates have taken place about online Vs campus programs. Individuals who are working professionals and lack time to make it to the campus are the ones who opt for online education. This is the reason why cyber classrooms have taken over physical ones in the modern era of technological advancements. A number of institutions with proper accreditation are offering online education on myriads of subjects.

Online Courses Provided By College

Advantages and disadvantages of online programs:

Over the campus based schools, the online education is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the flexibility that it offers. There are several advantages of online courses that an on campus course fails to offer. The online programs are cost effective and save the time of the working professionals. The online degrees are economically beneficial as it save the gas money required to make it to the college. Thus the online education courses help an individual to balance his or her personal as well as professional live while pursuing the higher simultaneously. Again the study programs offered online and those which are offered in the physical classrooms are more or less same as the online program offers students electronic study modules and online tutorials to facilitate the learning process. However the only disadvantage of the online programs is that the students miss out the feel of the campus living.

Online University:

Some of the online Universities and online colleges that offer quality courses on various subjects are as follows:

1)Kaplan University, Chicago
2)Strayer University, Salt Lake City
3)Ellis University, Chicago
4)South University, Savannah
5)Herzing College Online, Kansas City
6)Everest University, Santa Ana
7)Ashford University, Clinton
8)Liberty University, Virginia
9)Penn Foster Career School, Scranton
10)Agrosy University, Pittsburgh
11)Grand Canyon University, Phoenix
12)Westwood University, Chicago
13)Advantages of campus programs:

Online College Courses

The advantages of the campus education are ample. It gives an individual opportunity to socialize within the campus and thereby built rapport with the fellow students. Again regarding any problem faced by the students during the course of the program, an instructor in person is always there to solve the problem. In contrary to all these advantages, there are some major disadvantages of studying within the campus. The physical school and on campus programs do not give the students the flexibility of online education. Moreover it is difficult for the working professionals to take physical classes while meeting the professional commitments at the same time. Again it’s costly and also time consuming to visit the college and attend lectures for a study program. Taking into consideration all these aspects, it’s apt to conclude that the online education is far more beneficial than the on campus education in all respects.

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