Why e-learning?

In the world today information is the driving force of all businesses and nobody doubts about continual training necessity.

Latest ASTD surveys show that companies investing in training of their employees higher amounts than average businesses show 86 % higher rating of their stocks than companies investing in training amounts below average and 45% higher rating than companies investing average amounts in the specified market.

Online College Courses

Systematic training of employees and self-training through workshops, seminars or individual study is an everyday part of every progressive company or individual. Effective use of the intellectual capital of the company directly influences company profit.
At this point, please, ask yourself a few questions related to the training conducted by lecturers using standard training tools :

* Do the training costs exceed your budget or capacities?
* Is the training an integral part of the everyday life of your employees?
* Do your employees work full time during the training?
* Is the training enough individual and attractive process?
* Are you able to record effectively, save and pass all knowledge and information representing intellectual capital of you company to all employees?
* Are all your employees there in the place where training courses take place?
* Can your employees share experiences sufficiently?
* Is the knowledge level of all course participants the same?
* Do all students in the course study in the same pace and do all of them like the presentations?
* Are all courses available right when the students need them?
* Can students repeat the course at any time?
* Do you know what percentage of the presentation have students remembered and how their knowledge grows?
* Are you able to identify poor courses or courses oriented differently from what you expected?
* Do you have accurate records about who attended what courses in the past and what courses are they about to attend in the future?
* Do you have an objective overview of your training investment return?

Free Information Regarding Online Courses

If your answer is YES to all questions, your training system is really perfect and top quality and you do not need to change anything in your system and further reading of these pages is just wasting of time. If some of your answers are negative, you belong to a large group of those who think on how to improve training methods of individual and company trainings. For those of you there is e-learning here – a solution offering faster, better and cheaper training.

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