With an Educational Administration Degree Program, You’re in Charge

You don’t have to be a teacher to be an integral part of the education system. Schools typically cannot succeed without the careful stewardship of competent administrators, such as principals and deans. An online educational administration degree program can put you on the path towards that great responsibility.
Online Degree in Educational Administration

Educational administrators provide leadership at a variety of educational institutions–from preschools to colleges, high schools to day care centers. As part of their job responsibilities, educational administrators may manage staff, create budges, monitor student services, maintain records, develop curriculum standards, offer career counseling, and more. An online degree in educational administration can prepare you for the busy world of education leadership.

Online College Courses

Online degree programs in educational administration may offer a wide variety of courses. Such courses may include educational leadership, school finance and budgeting, research design, politics in education, as well as curriculum development.
Educational Administration Degree Program Career Options

With an online degree in educational administration, you may find yourself in possession of a variety of job titles over the course of your career. Some possibilities are:

* Principal
* Assistant Principal
* Dean of Admissions
* Department Head
* Provost
* Chief Academic Director
* Director of Student Services

While there are many others, the common thread uniting them all is the ability to manage the operations of a school or a certain department of a school–something for which an online degree can prepare you. However, because the top jobs in this field usually require extensive experience and further certification of some kind, many educational administration degree programs are graduate-level.
Education Administration Employment Outlook

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Employment for educational administration professionals is projected to be strong, growing by an average of 12 percent annually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest level of employment growth should be at the preschool and childcare level.

Salaries of education administrators vary with experience and education levels. For example, education administrators at the elementary and secondary school level earned an annual median salary of $80,580 in 2007. Postsecondary education administrators earned a median annual salary of $75,780 in 2007.

By earning an online degree in educational administration can put you in position to be a part of that next generation of school leaders.

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