College degree in electrophysiology patients: a training challenge

The CEGEP Ahuntsic, Montreal, is the only institution in Quebec to train technicians in medical electrophysiology. But training, with only 32 graduates each year, is struggling to fill all positions in a sector that tries to solve its labor problems.

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Electrophysiology Medical is a set of techniques for capturing the electrical activity of organs or systems with excitable cells. Electrophysiological tests are done for diagnostic purposes and are therefore part of all further tests to identify the nature of a disease or to determine appropriate treatment. “Electrophysiology is part of the medical chain of medical diagnosis,” says Annie Glazer, responsible for coordinating medical electrophysiology at College Ahuntsic. It is a real investigator and a job with prospects. ”

The 80 students who recently joined the Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) technology medical electrophysiology for a period of three years will have no trouble finding a job after their studies.

A job that turns the otherwise well-paid, the average early career being 19.16 per hour in the hospital sector. According to Ministry of Education, the profession of medical electrophysiology technician is also one of 30 trades technical training with the best prospects.

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No wonder, then, that this December has excellent placement rate. One hundred percent have indeed got a job, the majority (83%) full time. Some students have even committed in advance, the first year of their studies.

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