First Level University Courses – Undergraduate Study

The term undergraduate study identifies the curriculum which is accessed after graduating from secondary education from high school (in Italy can be compared to high school).
The undergraduate program lasts four years and leads to the Bachelors’ Degree.
The study undergraduate, you can choose an address technical and vocational education. In this case, after two years, is awarded the associate degree.

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Associate degree
The title of associate degree is awarded after two years of study at undergraduate level at a two-year college or Community, Technical and Junior College.

Bachelor’s degree
The title of Bachelor’s degree is awarded after four years of study at a four-year college. The program comprises two years of general education courses (freshman and sophomore years) followed by two years (junior and senior years) dedicated to an area of study (majors).

How are the programs of undergraduate study
The academic year is 9 months and usually begins in August / September. It is divided into several terms (periods of study): two semester or three quarter of 15/18 weeks of about 10 weeks. The completion of the program may require a summer session or summer session, 4 / 8 weeks.
The course is the basic unit of the academic program. Each course is assigned a score of hours (credit hour value) based on the number of hours per week and / or laboratory and in relation to the difficulty of the course. The curriculum is the set of required courses (core courses) and those planned by the student (electives) to obtain the title (Associate or Bachelor’s degree).
The conferment of the title of Associate requires a total of 60 credits, the title of Bachelor’s 120 credits.
The teaching method is generally based on the lessons (lectures) that students are required to attend, alternating in the debate (lecture / discussion).

What is the student evaluation system
The marks (grades) are calculated on a percentage scale and are expressed in letters:

A (100-91) = excellent;
B (81-90) = good;
C (71-80) = average;
D (65-70) = below average (but sufficient);
E or F = unsatisfactory.
The letters can be followed by a “+” or a “-“.
The average rating – Grade Point Average (GPA) – is calculated taking into account the credits of each course and the vote expressed in numbers. The average rating is articulated in a range from 0 to 4.0.

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How to select the American university
Formulate, according to field of study, an initial list of universities (four, five institutions);
ensure that universities are considered accredited;
carefully consider the personal and professional academic objectives;
investigate the possibility of financial aid.
How to university
The application for admission to American universities should be started about 18/12 months before the start of the academic year you wish to attend. The organizational method may be as follows:

assume general information on universities that offer programs of interest by consulting publications and websites;
once selected universities, obtain the application form to the Office of Admissions of the same university;
take the test or tests (TOEFL, SAT or ACT) required by the university;
after receiving the application form and required information, proceed to fill out forms;
accept the offer of admission.
Can cost as the frequency of an undergraduate course
Showing the average cost for attending classes for one academic year at undergraduate level is from 15,000 to $ 25,000 at public institutions and from 25,000 to $ 45,000 at private institutions (source: The College Board International Student Handbook 2008).
This estimate includes the registration fee (application fee), tuition fees (tuition) fees for the use of university facilities and services (fees), meals and lodging (room and board), health insurance , travel expenses and personal expenses.

What kind of financial aid offers undergraduate programs in American universities
The possibility of financial aid for undergraduate foreign students provided by American universities are limited. Usually consist of Merit Scholarship (scholarship for academic achievement), sports scholarship (merit scholarship for sports) or part-time jobs (employment opportunities on campus).

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