No need for a high school diploma for admission to college

The high school diploma (DES) will no longer be mandatory for admission to college. At least that under the new version of the regulations relating to the college, published last week in the Gazette officielle du Québec and who should come into effect this spring.

Students who lack six credits and less for their DES may be admitted to college to complete their current condition missing in their first quarter in college. Six credits, this may correspond to a particular math course in Secondary IV or in Secondary V French.

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The Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ) is against the revised criteria, fearing it would undermine and devalue the DES successful college students. The union is concerned about a possible surcharge for college students who, during their first trimester, should take both during their high school and college. “The first quarter is crucial for success: make it or break it. It does not help students if they are placed in a situation where they are more likely to fail than succeed, “argues the third vice-president of the CSQ, Diane Charlebois.

His colleague from the Federation of teachers colleges, Mario Beauchemin, believes that this will increase the burden on teachers. “You see more and more young people less prepared for college, lower, or who live with disabilities. Teachers must do more classroom management. If we admit students who do not have all the prerequisites, it will add to the plight of teachers, “said Beauchemin.

The concern seems less strong in other teacher unions. “There is a clear tendency to reduce the requirements. This leaves us perplexed. […] It will ensure that during the upgrade should be funded adequately, “argued the communications director of the Autonomous Federation of College (FCC), Guy Desmarais.

The National Teachers Federation of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN), it also promises to scratch a little “in regard to the” lower level “. President Ronald Cameron considers however that these new criteria may be beneficial to promote the hangup of some students.

At the student, the idea was received quite favorably. “This allows students not to be diminished in any one year of their college path, such as when entering a technical program can only fall,” said the president of the Federation of College Students Quebec, Genevieve Bond-Roussel.

At the Federation of colleges, it approves the measure, saying it can “broaden the accessibility of college,” said the communications manager, Caroline Tessier.

The Federation also welcomed the decision by Quebec to allow colleges to admit young people who have spent more than two years away from the benches of classes if the institution considers that they have “training and experience [… ] sufficient. ” In the latter case, the college may require activity upgrade to compensate for missing training. “This establishes equity between the university system – which already admit such students – and the college system,” said Ms Tessier. The FECQ however cautioned against the rat race of colleges to recruit a student population, which could lead some to reduce their requirements too. “It will clear departmental tags,” said Ms. Bond-Roussel.

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In addition to admission requirements, the regulations published in the Official Gazette to allow colleges to award degrees at college without words, just as universities are already doing so by the combination of three certificates. It would be a degree awarded to a student who had worked in various programs during the corresponding “weight of December 1. “It is a measure to promote success and graduation,” said Ms Tessier.

Again, the unions are questioning the relevance of such a measure. “It is doubtful. One wonders if it is not conducting a statistical exercise to increase the number of graduates, “said Guy Desmarais of the FCC.

The FECQ President, Ms. Bond-Roussel, also questioned the relevance of the CED by cumulation, calling it “nothing in December,” which means nothing at all about the job market or preparing for university.

Quebec also opens the door to the creation of specialized technical training programs offered to hold a technical diploma when no university program is offered in this discipline. This possibility is welcome with one voice in the college environment

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