USA: Students want online donations to pay the University

Ask loans to the State is not something to everyone, because sooner or later that money will be returned. In the United States, families on their knees to the financial crisis can not support their children to expensive universities installments.
So come websites where students are appealing to the sensibilities of the people to receive donations and pay the University.

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Associations, good-hearted people, companies wishing to sponsor a student and support the thesis, the target site is different and students enrolling and completing your profile, can thus hope to attract the attention of wealthy individuals, or simply generous, who can help financially contributing to the payment of tuition. As in the case of site, for example.

Studying in American colleges has become very prohibitive in fact, they range from $ 200,000 for a four-year course at Harvard, to a 5% increase for smaller colleges such as Trinity. The rate of the campuses are approximately doubled in a decade, yet no sign of enrollment decline.

Indeed this year there’s even been a boom in admission test and a negative record by universities that have accepted fewer students of all years. Sign that the crisis in the vaults of college late in coming.

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